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 get a bank account today. second chance banking. no chexsystems, guaranteed approval

If you are in trouble with Chexsystem or Telecheck and were denied to open a new checking or savings account we can help!

We all know what its like to make a mistake, but why should you have to pay for it long afterward? We offer everyday people just like you the opportunity to look beyond their past, and give you the opportunity to open a Direct Deposit checking account even if you currently have a problem with Telecheck or Chexsystem.

It's fast, easy and no credit check is required. No embarrassing interviews with a bank manager. Just fill out a simple application, have your paycheck or government benefits Direct Deposited into your new account, and you're ready to start living again. This will be YOUR account. Do anything, pay bills, get cash, do anything you would with a regular account with the one simple exception of no check writing. All your transactions are done with your own Debit Card. Receive your bank statement monthly get cash at ATM machines, even go online to do your banking, ANYTHING.

We have made arrangements through an FDIC insured bank to get you the checking account you deserve. After all, mistakes happen. You shouldn't have to suffer years because of it!

What is Chexsystem or Telecheck?

Chexsystem and Telecheck are databases tool used by many financial institutions in the United States as a protection method against account fraud. Banks and credit unions can access the database in request for information about their customers in order to assess the risk of opening new accounts. In turn, those banks feed the same fraudulent customer information back to the Chexsystem or Telecheck database. In addition, Chexsystem and Telecheck also offer collection services for unpaid dues.


"FDIC Insured Bank For Peace of Mind"

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